Amenities & Services



  • Baths as required
  • Toys to play with
  • Daily playing & resting time
  • Covered outdoor kennels
  • Raised beds for your pets comfort
  • Climate controlled  environment
  • stainless steel water and food dishes
  • Free administration of medications - oral / pills
  • Large outdoor exercise area


Boarding Services

We have small & large kennels available to accommodate your pet comfortably during their stay with us. Making sure they have a safe, relaxing and enjoyable stay with us is our priority. 

We are closed to the public on Christmas Day, New Years Day, Easter Sunday & Thanksgiving Day. Boarding is still available during those periods of time however we do not offer drop off or pick up services on those days.

Daycare is available (space permitting) every day we are open to the public.


Upon Registration

  • Pet owners are responsible to supply in a labelled sealed container, enough food for theirs pet stay plus 2 days
  • All pet are required to wear collars during their visit.
  • Proof of vaccinations and proof of re-vaccination when applicable
  • Dogs: Rabies, Bordetella (kennel cough) & 5 in 1 vaccination
  • Failure to provide proof of vaccinations will result in the booking being cancelled.

Please note: We will NOT accept pets under the age of 4 months or more than 1 month pregnant